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We strive to accommodate each of our clients’ specific needs through a collaborative approach, building relationships and always being available. You can rely on Mangan Power Distribution Group to always achieve the your goals with the absolute highest standard of customer service.

Our Services

Arc Flash Solutions

Mangan Power Distribution Group understands that each client has a unique specification and provides a customized approach to each Arc Flash project.

Power System Analysis

We perform a variety of power system analyses, including load flow analysis, short circuit studies, reliability studies, and NFPA 70E Arc Flash Analysis for our clients.

Relay Upgrade

Mangan Power Distribution Group has engineered, coordinated, tested, and commissioned more than 70 relay replacement projects, and is the experienced engineering team for your next project.

Substation Engineering and Design

Substation design and construction is a multi‐disciplinary effort that requires comprehensive coordination and continuous communication between civil/structural, power, control engineering team and field experts.

Engineer / Design Power Distribution Center

Mangan PDG teams up end users’ engineers and operations to plan the set up the project’s objectives, design process, schedule, and conceptual design

Testing & Commissioning Services

Power system protection has been around for over 100 years, and even today, some of our customers are using old electromechanical relays for their power system protection.

Load Flow Analysis

Mangan PDG team has a lot of experience when it comes to load flow analysis. We can provide you with the service you are looking for, helping you to operate to the highest standard and predict handling potential future outcomes more accurately.

Battery Storage

Mangan Power has been consulting with some of the largest companies in the world regarding battery storage design services to help meet their unique energy storage needs. We understand the logistical and technical landscape of large battery installations.

Microgrid Design

Microgrids play an inevitable role to produce reliable clean energy for consumers! Microgrids are taking advantage of the clean energies (solar/wind) in order to increase the resiliency of the power systems and mitigating grid disturbances with faster system response/recovery.

What Makes Mangan Power Different?

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We Rise Above.

Mangan Inc. is designed to attract and retain top talent through a management structure that grants authority and corresponding responsibility and promotes the best from within.  This ensures that every client project is managed by one of the best engineers in their field to drive even difficult projects to success.

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Join Our Team

Mangan Incorporated has built its reputation on consistently providing exceptional resources to meet client needs, as an Electrical Substation Engineering Company. We have accomplished this by careful evaluation and a continual search for the most qualified talent in the industry. We therefore always welcome your resume should you meet any of the qualifications defined below.