Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis Engineers

When performing an arc-flash hazard study, one of the areas that require a significant effort is collecting electrical data. Mangan PDG field engineers understand how to gather the required data safely and efficiently. 

After validation of the collected information, our power engineers build or update power system models and conduct the arc flash assessment per IEEE 1584 2002 or 2018 guidelines and NFPA 70E requirement.

The Importance of Arc Flash Analysis

  • Arc flash studies made by an experienced Arc Flash Analysis Engineer are critical for Arc Flash Compliance Services when it comes to lowering hazards and providing increased safety for vendors, contractors, electrical workers, and the overall safety culture of the business. The arc flash analysis (AFA) is required so that electrical risk levels are identified, and the appropriate safety practices are put in place so that the risk of injuries and burns to vendors, contractors, and employees is lowered.

    Arc flash studies are required for all commercial, industrial, manufacturing, utilities, and any other type of major electrical component that contains meter sock enclosures, industrial control panels, switchboards, panel-boards, electrical transformers, motor control centers (MCCs), electrical disconnects, and so on. It is also required by NESC, IEEE 1584, NFPA, and OSHA.

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Arc Flash Analysis Services

If you have any questions about the arc flash analysis or Arc Flash Consulting Services that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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