Cable Testing

Cable Testing Services

High voltage cables are used to supply electricity to densely populated areas, like offshore installations, for example. Reliability is key in these situations and it is vital that high voltage cables can supply electricity without interruption over a span of decades, without the need for excessive maintenance.

It is important that cables can be monitored and assessed with On-Site Cable Testing Services to ensure that systems are working correctly, but the options for doing this are relatively limited. We offer several different cable testing services to ensure that your systems are always working at full capacity and the possibility of downtime is significantly reduced.

Low Frequency or VLF Dielectric Voltage Testing:

Low frequency or VLF dielectric voltage testing is designed to monitor momentary overpotentials that are caused by switching, surges, and other environmental factors. High Voltage Cable Testing ensures that the system still functions at a voltage that is much higher than the standard working voltage. Dielectric testing is so important because it ensures that cables can operate in unpredictable conditions without failing.

When cables are subjected to extremely high voltages, any defects in the cable will grow within the insulation, in a process known as ‘treeing.’ VLF dielectric voltage testing will determine whether this has occurred and whether the system is in danger of failing.

As well as VLF dielectric cable testing, we also offer AC dielectric withstand voltage testing and DC dielectric withstand voltage testing. We also offer Underground Cable Thermal Analysis. During these tests, the voltage will be applied for around one minute, so the cable is adequately stressed. The voltage will be set at a level so that the insulation is sufficiently tested but no permanent damage to the cable is caused

Cable Testing and Maintenance Services

Online monitoring of cables is an effective way to maintain high voltage cables and ensure the quality of the insulation and identify any potential faults. After a long period of usage, it is important that you can monitor the condition of cables and it is also beneficial to carry out routine checks as well.

Faults in the insulation is a common cause of failure in systems that use high voltage wires, especially those that are operating over long periods. That is why cable testing and specifically VLF dielectric voltage testing is so important. If cables are not tested frequently, the chance of failure is significantly increased, and that can be expensive and time and labor-intensive to manage.

Best Cable Testing Solutions

We supply the best in cable testing solutions and On-Site Cable Testing Services to a wide range of industries that rely on high voltage cables. If you want to ensure that your systems are reliable and function as they should, regular testing is essential. Our AC dielectric withstand voltage testing and DC dielectric withstands voltage testing solutions, and our VLF dielectric cable testing services can help you to ensure that tests are carried out in the most efficient way, and the results are always reliable.

Whatever your cable testing needs may be, we can accommodate you. We cater to a wide range of different industries, so get in touch today and find out more about how we can help you.