Circuit Breaker and Recloser Testing

Circuit Breaker and Circuit Recloser Testing

Increasing demand for a more reliable means that utilities are looking for ways to automate distribution and optimize their systems. Pole mounted reclosers are an incredibly effective way to reduce permanent outages and they have wide functionality. Automation can be achieved easily by installing voltage sensing on both the source and load side to isolate a fault. Closing in a tie recloser will allow for an alternate power source to supply power to customers.

These kinds of automation schemes are a very efficient, low-cost way to ensure reliability, but they can take several minutes. In systems where long-term outages must be avoided at all costs, this delay is a big problem. Reclosers with high-speed peer-to-peer communication can solve this problem by identifying and isolating faulted sections and restoring power in a matter of seconds.

Circuit Breaker Testing Services

We cover a range of different industries and provide various circuit breaker testing and all types of recloser testing. Our services include testing of the following:

  • Air circuit breakers
  • Vacuum circuit breakers

  • Power circuit breakers.

  • Insulated case circuit breakers.

  • Molded case circuit breakers.

  • SF6 circuit breakers.

  • Oil circuit breakers

  • All types of reclosers

Experienced Circuit Breaker and Circuit Recloser Testing Engineers

Utilities need the expertise of manufacturers to design and implement these automation schemes, and testing is essential during the implementation phase. Utilities need to ensure that the switching logic is effective in several potential fault scenarios and that the equipment can support the expected levels of network traffic.

We can provide thorough testing of all your circuit breakers and reclosers, and we have experience working with a wide range of systems in different industries. Many traditional testing methods are incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive, but we can offer a simple method that cuts testing time, so you can verify your systems quickly.

Why You Should Choose Mangan PDG for Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit breaker testing and recloser testing can be carried out in the field with Circuit Breaker Testing in CA or in the lab while being controlled remotely. This is one of the main ways that we can reduce testing time and eliminate the difficulties involved with other forms of testing. The software will be used to model the behavior of the circuit breakers and reclosers, and if previous measurements have been taken, these can be inputted as well, to ensure that the model is as accurate as possible. The test results will then be measured against the model so any faults can be automatically identified. GPS also allows all test devices to communicate with one another, which further improves the accuracy of the testing.

Recloser testing and circuit breaker testing can be a long and disruptive process, which is a problem for utilities. However, we can offer a streamlined solution that allows for field testing and lab testing. By using software to model the behavior of test devices in the system and inputting previous measurements, while also allowing test devices to communicate by GPS, we can achieve recloser testing and circuit breaker testing in a short space of time.

We cover a wide range of industries so if you need recloser testing or circuit breaker testing services, get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.