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We not only specialize in the design, engineering, and maintenance of power systems and substations throughout the USA, but Mangan Power also offers additional services related to distribution automation control. Our Distribution Automation Control Services and Distribution Automation Controls Consulting services reduce operation costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve reliability.

The modern distribution grid requires intelligent communication, and we can provide just that. We’re able to design and implement a desirable set of functionalities that are tailored to and will meet your specific needs.  We guarantee you can rely on our services, knowledge and expertise, and attentive and professional customer service.

The Mangan Power Approach

Our approach to distribution automation control services is unified and holistic. We recognize there’s a need for real-time monitoring and remote control, given all the intelligent devices out there today.

Using our tailored and efficient approach you can reduce outages and have a cost-effective and reliable way to manage your systems. We evaluate and listen to your specific requirements and can provide additional solutions such as protective relays and secure communications, based on your needs.

We will perform an in-depth study of your current distribution control system structure and needs before making any recommendations or configurations.

Using Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) technology which manages system-wide voltage levels and reactive power flow to achieve efficient distribution grid operation.

Using Fault location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR)technology to help utilities reduce the duration of outages and provide more reliable power to their customers.

Reasons to Choose us for Distribution Automation Control Services

Using our distribution automaton control services at Mangan Power, you can:
  • Save money and time: Our solutions can ensure maintenance is performed to avoid costly equipment failures
  • Enhance reliability: Integrate with other systems and improve problem identification and real-time decision making
  • Minimize and reduce outages: Pinpoint sections that are causing issues or are faulty and quickly restore the rest of the distribution network
  • Use your devices and system controls via a secure remote access
  • Automatically collect data from devices, including metering, monitoring, and diagnostics.
  • SCADA and/or an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) integration.

Benefits of Distribution Automation Control

There are benefits to both your company and your customers when choosing to work with Mangan Power and use our services. There will be remote monitoring opportunities and the ability to integrate hardware, software, and communications networks. You’ll also find it appealing and beneficial that our systems work with both old and new distribution automation technologies.

When it comes to benefiting your customers, you’ll discover you can effectively reduce and minimize intermittent outages and you can build a more resilient and reliable grid to work from.

Advantages of Working with Mangan Power

One of the primary advantages of working with and choosing Mangan Power is that we are product agnostic. We not only service or maintain just one product; we can work with all products in this space.

We are committed to excellence and safety. Our engineers will develop and maintain systems to make certain that your equipment is OSHA compliant and we always practice the latest safety standards.

Interested in learning more or have questions? Let’s talk about your project. We encourage you to get in touch with our team today to get more information about our company and our services.

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