Factory Acceptance Test Services

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a process which evaluates the equipment and documentation in accordance with the design specifications, during and after the integration process. FAT ensures the modules and controls operate properly according to the functionality of the equipment itself.

 It takes place at the client’s workshop or factory and is a significant milestone in the project and is one of the final steps before equipment is ready to be shipped to the job site.

What are the benefits of a Factory Acceptance Test?

  • Our robust factory acceptance checklist is the most effective way to ensure the proper operation of the equipment before it is installed. It enables both us as the engineers and you as the client to rest assured that the equipment meets all the specifications outlined at the beginning and that any issues can be addressed while the system is still in our possession.
  • Our Factory Acceptance Test Services also enable us to determine who is responsible for any issues that are identified. Sometimes, it may be down to equipment not working as it should; other times, it may be that the design needs re-configuring. Whatever the problem, a FAT almost always saves money and time over fixing any potential issues in the field.

Factory Acceptance Test Checklist & Review

Here at Mangan PDG, we develop a checklist for each component before we carry out the test, provide engineering and testing support during the process, a punch list to support afterwards, and if there are any issues, we work with you to make sure they are resolved quickly and smoothly, and that the equipment is ready to be shipped out.


If you have any questions about implementing a Factory Acceptance Test get in touch with us today. Our years of experience will ensure you get the quality support needed to effectively determine the specifications of our system through Factory Acceptance Testing in the USA.