Hazardous Area Classification Assessment

Hazardous Area
Classification Assessment

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) is not a copy and paste process. It takes a team that understands how to apply API 500, API 505, NFPA 497, work with the process engineering team and have an in-depth understanding of the applicability of NEC 500-505.

Electrical equipment such as generators, circuit breakers, transformers, and switches produce varying degrees of heat and arcing when in operation. The effects of this heat can pose a danger for fire or explosions which may result in severe damage to electrical equipment and to the facilities and individuals that operate them.

How Are Hazardous Area Classifications Determined?

A hazardous area classification provided during an evaluation of a location and is determined using specific scientific and engineering principles to ensure a proper classification is given. This ensures the proper level of safety protocols are put in place for electrical equipment to mitigate safety concerns and ensure proper maintenance can be provided without incurring extreme risk.

Once a hazardous area classification assessment is performed, the results are shown on plan drawings of the facility that are often referred to as area classification drawings/diagrams. Based upon the hazardous area classification diagrams, electrical equipment will be properly specified and the installation will be handled to reduce the risk of fires or explosions and to maintain the safety of the facility and equipment operators.


  • Industrial Process Plants
  • Refrigeration Rooms
  • Grail Silos
  • Kitchens
  • Humid Envioronments
  • Power Generation Plants
  • High-Rise Buildings

Hazardous Area Classification Assessment Services

Hazardous Classification 

Hazardous area classification assessments provide a valuable road map so that electrical equipment can be properly organized, safely maintained, and to ensure that hazardous locations are properly identified to mitigate the risk of fires and/or explosions.

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