Motor Starting Analysis

Motor Starting Analysis Services

Our engineers utilize software to accurately test and ensure that individual motors are capable of starting.  This allows for us to determine the impact of load changes to electric power systems.  

Motor starting analyses and motor acceleration analysis help to provide perspective on the best method of starting, proper motor functionality, and proper system design for minimizing the impact of the motor starting on the system.

What Is Provided With A Motor Acceleration Analysis?

  • Testing to see if the motor can successfully be started and reach its rated speed
  • Can the motor can generate enough starting torque to successfully start its load
  • If the voltage drop is within the acceptable level
  • Motor acceleration time at full load
  • That protective device settings consider the starting current and starting time to avoid nuisance tripping during start-up


  • Oil & gas refineries
  • Power generation stations
  • Industrial process plants
  • Mining operations
  • Manufacturing facilities

Motor Starting Analysis Engineer

The analysis of motor starting can be performed by our engineers in both static and dynamic simulations based on the operational functionality of your specific system.

Each of these techniques have their own conveniences, and determining how to proceed  is based on your unique motor as the experience and expertise of our engineers consulting on the project. 

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