Power Systems & GIS Modeling

Power Systems Management & Geographical Information System (GIS) Modeling

The most effective method to manage the power distribution systems for industrial facilities or utility systems is to develop an interconnected model with the best visibility for operational, supervisory and analytical purposes.

Geographical information system modeling of the power systems will give operators the exact location of the assets and the potential problems as well as analytical strength to simulate the root-causes. The GIS model can also take advantage of advanced real-time monitoring, intelligence, and predictive simulations to minimize human errors, reduce the cost of maintenance, shutdowns, incidents as well as adding awareness to daily operations.

What services are provided
with the GIS Modeling?

  • Full system modeling based geographical information system
  • Full system integration from legacy models/databases such as ArcGIS, etc.
  • Full power system validation with voltage/phase error checking 
  • Comprehensive & interactive graphical model with logical single line diagram backbone 
  • Three/single-phase analysis dedicated for transmission/distribution systems 
  • Extendable to utilize advanced real-time monitoring services, intelligent engines, and predictive simulations such as outage management, operator training, interchange scheduling, load forecasting, asset management, load shedding, generation management, etc. 

Who Benefits?

All mid-size to large industrial facilities 

• Oil & Gas

• Waste Water Treatment Plants

• Cement Factory

• Mining, etc.

Utility transmission & distribution systems 

• All small, mid-size, and large utilities 

Goals with GIS Modeling Services

Below is a list of goals that GIS Modeling services can help you achieve:
  • Reduce the time of supervision and management
  • Reduce the time of operations
  • Minimize cost
  • Maximize visibility
  • Reduce human error
  • System automation
  • Utilize intelligence
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Why Choose Mangan Power for GIS Modeling Services?

Our extensive experience with power distribution systems and our deep understanding of large system modeling and integration, working with large data quantities as well as our outstanding services to our customers, has made us one of the unique providers for such services locally and nationwide.  Connect with Mangan Power today about GIS modeling services for your company.