Protective Relays Testing and Commissioning

Protective Relays Testing and Commissioning

If you work in electrical engineering, you will be aware of the need for protective relays in any system. For over a hundred years, electromechanical relays have been used for power system protection, to prevent incidents and isolate faults efficiently before further problems are caused.

However, technology has now developed and new microprocessor relays. Whereas electromechanical relays operate by magnetic induction or attraction, microprocessor relays use computerization to analyze and detect faults. This has several advantages, including flexibility, speed, the ability to communicate with other relays, and the potential for programming and storing multiple signals.

Electromechanical and Microprocessor Relays

Just like electromechanical relays, new microprocessor relays require the same protective relay testing to ensure safety and efficiency.  These tests must be carried out at several stages, including during production and commissioning prior to being used, and through routine maintenance, tests to ensure continued adequacy and to ward against any degradation over time and use.

This need for testing can present issues, particularly as the relays are intended for use when faults are experienced, and so conducting protective relays testing under normal operating conditions is not necessarily useful. Testing and commissioning protective relays of any variety has become an increasingly complex problem, which requires specialist knowledge to handle safely and effectively.

If you work with microprocessor protective relays, or if you are looking to switch over from old electromechanical relays to this new, more efficient model, Mangan PDG can help. Mangan Inc Power Distribution Group has been operating in the electrical engineering section for decades, providing quality services throughout the US and worldwide.

Protection Relay Testing and Commissioning Services

Mangan PDG has experience in turnkey projects such as removing and replacing old electromechanical relays with new microprocessor relays.

Our engineers are able to complete this task cleanly and with minimal interruption to your operating conditions. Following your installation of the microprocessor relays, Mangan PDG is also capable of performing acceptance and maintenance testing and commissioning of protective relays.

We work with microprocessors and also with electromechanical relays, so we are able to efficiently and effectively test either piece of equipment. We have been trusted with the relays of several high-level manufacturers, including SEL, GE Multilin, Beckwith, ABB, Siemens, Eaton, and Electromechanical relays, to name but a few. Our engineers are highly trained specialists in electrical engineering, who are able to conduct tests thoroughly and with complete reliability.

Should pilot protection relay testing uncover faults or irregularities, Mangan PDG field services are fully equipped to provide on-site troubleshooting services. Our Protection Relay Commissioning Services engineers are experienced and knowledgeable about all issues relating to protective relays, and they will be able to advise you on actions to take and provide immediate engineering solutions if necessary.