Relay Upgrade

Relay Upgrade

Microprocessor protection and control relays offer many advantages over electromechanical counterparts such as multi‐function protection, Arc Flash incident energy reduction, Real‐Time operating data, oscillographic data event reports, more reliable operation and a lower burden on Current transformers.

Replacement of the older electromechanical relays with microprocessor relays such as SEL, Multilin, and Basler needs a thorough understanding of existing switchgear or MCC wiring diagram and spacing and knowledge of the new relays requirement. Mangan Power Distribution Group has engineered, coordinated, tested, and commissioned more than 70 relay replacement projects.

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Types of Facilities

  • All building types and occupancies
  • Municipal services
  • Power generation stations
  • Industrial process plants
  • Emergency power
  • Distributed Generation
  • Temporary power designs