Electrical Engineering Services

Arc Flash
Mangan Power Distribution Group understands that each client has a unique specification and provides a customized approach to each Arc Flash project.
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Substation Engineering
and Design
Substation design and construction is a multi‐disciplinary effort that requires comprehensive coordination and continuous communication between civil/structural, power, control engineering team and field experts.
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Power System
We perform a variety of power system analyses, including load flow analysis, short circuit studies, reliability studies, and NFPA 70E Arc Flash Analysis for our clients.
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Engineer / Design Power Distribution Center
Mangan PDG teams up end users’ engineers and operations to plan the set up the project’s objectives, design process, schedule, and conceptual design
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Mangan Power Distribution Group has engineered, coordinated, tested, and commissioned more than 70 relay replacement projects, and is the experienced engineering team for your next project.
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Testing & Commissioning
Power system protection has been around for over 100 years, and even today, some of our customers are using old electromechanical relays for their power system protection.
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