Shock Risk Assessment

Shock Risk Assessment Services

Mangan Power is an expert in providing shock risk assessment NFPA 70E and Arc Flash risk assessments. These assessments are crucial to the safety of your workers and customers, and we work with customers to provide a complete safety program.

A shock risk assessment is a procedure that identifies any potential hazards from an electric shock during the use of the equipment. A proper assessment, as per NFPA 70E, will help identify how to eliminate or minimize these hazards.

Shock Risk Assessment Services

Shock Risk Assessments: The only way to be certain of your safety

No matter what type of business you run, if there is electricity flowing through wires and cables in your building, it is vital that there is a qualified electrician on staff to ensure that all electrical systems are not only compliant with code requirements but also safe for use.
An electrician will help identify any issues with wiring, broken or frayed wires, worn out or damaged insulation, or risks of an electrical fire. Shock risk assessments are vital in ensuring that current standards are met with regards to safety standards in operation.

Safety for Your Employees

We understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Nobody else will think of it as much as you, so we offer a full range of services, from these risk assessments to physical access control systems.

Industries That Can Benefit?

Cement Plants

• Steel Plants

• Mining Plants

• Manufacturing Plants

• Medical Supply Plants

• Pulp & Paper Plants

• Oil & Gas Pumping Plants

• Waste Water Treatment Plants

We Make It Easy To Assess Your Risk

Shock risk assessments are a critical step in any electrical safety program. At Mangan Power, we’ve made it simple and easy to identify and assess your risks with our online electric shock risk assessment tool that takes just a minute or two.

We’re here for you.  No matter the size of your business, our team provides you with quality service and support. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.  For more information about our shock risk assessment services fill out the form on our contact us page or use our live chat to talk with a representative 24/7 with a representative.