Substation Automation Services

  • Mangan Power is the leading Substation Automation Services and Substation Automation Consulting Company in the industry.
  • Our extensive experience with creating new substations and retrofitting existing sites makes us a top choice when it comes to these types of services.
  • We use the latest communication technology and protocols such as IEC61850, GOOSE, DNP 3.0, Modbus and SEL to deliver reliable Substation Automation Engineering services to companies everywhere.
  • Provide cost-effective local and remote monitoring, control, and annunciation Human-Machine Interface screens (HMI).
  • Automatic event data collection from connected devices through a wide range of supported protocols
  • Time-synchronize serially or Ethernet connected devices using the method best suited for the substation architecture or connected device.
  • Provide substation firewall, secured access to relays/IEDs and enforce strong passwords on the supported devices using security gateways such as SEL-3620 and SEL-3622.

What Are Substation Automation Services?

Our substation automation services set the tone and standards for what the end results should look like. We’re able to offer a more flexible and better monitoring system.

Our solutions allow for efficient project management and reliable operation. We guarantee your substation automation will be future-proof and keep your business running smoothly.

How We Can Help

We will access and evaluate your needs and offer tailed substation automation services that will help you succeed. There are several ways in which we can help, including:
  • Implement secure data and event collection, visualization, and analysis to increase visibility into the grid and system levels operation.
  • Create a leading-edge technology and modular communication architecture and scalable configuration data flow diagram (DFD) that help you save space, time, and money
  • Our solutions are highly stable and can offer resistance and survive even in rough and ambient conditions
  • Offer high-performance automation and communication functions through powerful CPUs and fast memory
  • Protect your system with innovative cybersecurity solutions and functionality that will be available through the product life cycle
  • Secure and central engineering access to the relays and IEDs from local and/or remote location.
  • Substation relays/IEDs password management
  • SCADA integration and HMI for visualization and control of substation systems.

We will come up with clearly-defined specifications and can modify and upgrade your existing systems. All of this will ensure an effective solution to your problem. We have decades of experience providing utility-grade engineering services, and unmatched customer service and response time.

All of this makes Mangan Power Distribution Group a name to trust and depend on.

The Benefits to You

Everything will be under control when you choose to work with Mangan Power and use our services. You can closely monitor your systems and ensure minimal outages. Another benefit of our substation automation services is that we will be with you every step of the way from evaluation and systems integration to design and installation.

We’ve been helping clients with modern protection and control systems solutions at an effective cost for a long time and have the experience to ensure we do the same for you.

What Sets Mangan Power Apart from the Rest

When you choose us for your substation automation services, you can rest easy knowing everything will be under control. One of the advantages of choosing Mangan Power is that we are product agnostic and do not only service or maintain just one product. We can work with all products in this space.

We are committed to providing superior services and safety is a top concern. Our engineers will develop and maintain systems to make certain that your equipment is OSHA compliant and we always practice the latest safety standards.

Do you have questions or are interested in learning more about our services? Let’s talk about your project. We encourage you to get in touch with our team today to get more information about our company and find out what we can do for you.

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